TK Hitstop 1.4

TK HitStop 1.4
When the player hits an actor or an object, a “hit-stop” (a tiny pause) is added along with camera shake and blur effects. This makes weapon strikes feel more solid and heightens the sense that a hit has actually been made.

You can customize settings in MCM.
You can customize each value, of “actor” or “object” independently (read below).

Requirement Skyrim
SKSE 1.7.3
SkyUI 3.1+
UpGrade Upgrade from 1.2,1.3 to 1.4: Overwites in MOD manager(e.g. NMM).
Manual upgrade: overwrite the files.
If you don't install SKSE, install it.
Download "Download with manager".
Install in your mod manager.
Uninstallation Use the in-game Mod Configuration Menu first to deactivate the mod in-game before deleting it.
Then save, quit the game and uninstall in your mod manager.
Configurations If you have installed SkyUI 3.1+, you can adjust each function in MCM.

ActorNPC and creatureObjectWall and objectHit Stop Simulates a pause in the movement of th…

Ultimate Dragons

Ultimate Dragons 2.1

Ultimate Dragons 2.0 has been revamped!
I remake almost animations. More stable and more exciting!

The mod overhauls dragon combat. This is not unreasonably strong.
Adds new 20+ animations and behavior.
And more new melee combat, new shout, falls down, enrages and locational damage.
Aim to improve the actions, as well as balance is not so strong.
To improve the dragon special battles experience by adding a variety of actions.

No need to create a new game and wait re-spawn dragon when this mod installs and upgrades.

Requirements Skyrim 1.9.32
SKSE 1.72+
SkyUI 3.1 +
Feature Additional Attacks This mod adds new 20+ attacks animations.
Adds new animations of dragon attacks for the first time in the world, This is the most important feature of this mod.
Visual effect and attacks are depend on type of dragon.

Three times shoutShoot ices or fireballs in three directionsSwing BreathFire or frost breath moves toward the right from the left.Tail AttackAttacks with a t…

TK Dodge 3.0

TK Dodge 3.0

TK Dodge 3.0 has been revamped. Improved feel of use.
TK Dodge is compatible with FNIS 6.3. Please read Installation in description.

Ultimate Combat 3.11

Ultimate Combat 3.11

It has been revamped in version3.0!
I carried out a beta test over a year and completely renewed it in version 3.0.
Look forward to more aggressive and comfortable combat :)

This mod is combat overhaul mod focusing on enhanced game enjoyment and ease of play.
The goal is to bring Skyrim closer to a neat action game than to increase difficulty and reality.
Enemies acts are various, dash attacks, continuous attacks, dodge, great spell, cooperating act, get angry, and more...
Your tactics and operation, more affecting results of combat.

Features- Add Special Attacks Add a lot of new attack animation. It is a unique feature of this mod.
Continuous attacks, dash attacks, a wide range of rotation attacks and more various attacks.
Some special attack cannot stagger during attacking.

Number of new attacks added:
Human 19Draugr and skeleton 6Falmer 3Dragon Priest 5Dwarven Centurion 5Giant 4
- Extension of vanilla AI Diverse behaviors is compatible with light load by…


Plan to release mods

saLa Hairs - it is simply and light weight hair.

Ultimate Bosses -  Reinforce existing bosses. add new animations.
TK Battle Arts -  Add new attack animation e.g. thrust animation. Like TK Combat without magic.
Plan to port XBOX One

Faster Transform
Pretty Face
Those are necessary to limit functions. Enhanced Charater Edit  Only fixed head parts, adds parts, colors and race.Quick Light  cannot key input, so it makes equip version.
Simple Horse cannot key input, so it makes equip or power version.
No port SKSE is essential for making those mod.
TK dodge, TK Hitstop, TK Recoil, TK Combat

Ported Face Light, TK Children, Pretty Khajiit, Khajiit Child Ma'isha

Khajiit Child Ma'isha

Khajiit Child Ma'isha
LE DownloadSE DownloadX BOX1 Download
This mod adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha.
You can adopt her such as other urchins.

She can be found around the Crabber's Shanty.

3/17 1:00 2.0 SE version Xbox one version only
Fixed incorrect face. Improved eyes textures.Update 2.0
Removes the cannot wear children clothes version.Adds snood to costume.Adds facial textures and facial expression for maisha only.Changes modeling.Packs to bsa.Adds versions for Xbox One、for Special Edition.
Upgrade to 2.0  I packed to bsa, uninstall it once, and install ths mod.

If you use normal version (it is not child cloth version), please following work.
Open a console command.Select Ma'isha.Type "resetinventory". Requirements HearthFire

Optional Files Replacement Version:
If you use this mod at first time, no need to install newly. For the old user.
She can usually be found around the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun.

Known Issue Her neck has a little glitch. So do n…

Pretty Khajiit 2.0

Pretty Khajiit 2.0
LE DownloadSE Download
Update 2.0Added parts:eyes+2 lip+1 nose+1.Improved eye textures, UV and mouth mesh.Adds facial textures in Nexus option file.
Feature This mod adds facial parts which like cat for Khajiit women.

Eyes 6    Large eyes
Eyes 7  Mid eyes
Eyes 8  Miserable eyes
Lip  6    Rounded around a lip
Lip  7  Plumped lips
Nose 6    Small nose
Nose 7    Small nose, improved UV

Adds wide eyes 5 textures for Khajiit men and women.The second khajiit preset like cat.Adds facial textures for Khajiit women in Nexus optional file.
Optional Files Adds facial textures for Khajiit women in Nexus optional file.
It is used Khajiit Child Ma'isha, slightly modified.

Permisssion - Forbid upload tri files.
- Feel free to use your created by it. But if you use textures file, need to write credit.
No need contact me.

プリセットの追加 プリセット2番目に猫っぽいパーツを使ったサンプルを入れてます。


顔テクスチャのオプション カジート女性用の顔テクスチャです。
Khajiit Child Ma'ishaで使っているテクスチャを使いやすいよう少し改変したものです。


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